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dr archeaologist
05 November 2012 @ 03:40 pm
I'm doing nanowrimo this year (again).

This is the major reoccurring problem: most common misspellings in my novel: Bagriel and Jaw (read: Gabriel and Jay).
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dr archeaologist
18 September 2012 @ 09:10 pm
Amanda Tapping.

In Supernatural.

I don't think I have more words than that, other than a long, out-drawn yessssssss.

I have been waiting for this, okay? For, like, ever since I started watching Supernatural. Like, a year ago or something.

This woman is amazing, and funny, and sexy, and beautiful, and just pretty much all-round perfect. And, no, I'm not biased from ten+ seasons of SG-1 and SGA combined. Uh-uh (okay, maybe just a little bit).
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dr archeaologist
11 August 2012 @ 05:30 pm
Title: My name is Sam
Author: sa_kun
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 29k
Summary: In which Sam is Sam, not Sammy, and Dean finds out there is more to life than hunting. Also? Dean joins the Air Force (maybe, sort of) and Sam is wicked smart (oh, yeah: Dad's gone).
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Contains: AU. Transsexual character (Female-to-Male). Profanity. Underage drinking. Underage driving. Underage weapons usage. Slight use of homophobic/anti-trans language and situations. Possible abuse of medical terms, military terms and American school terms.
Author's Notes: Believe it or not, but this whole thing started with the one stray thought: huh, Dean'd look totally badass with a P-90 and a tac-vest. Then I put that thought on hold, because this whole idea with why Sam wanted people to call him Sam not Sammy sort of crowded out every single other piece of inspiration I had. And whaddya know? Turns out, it was the same fucking plot bunny (not that Dean is actually in a tac-vest at any point during this story, but that's what filling-in-the-blanks on your own is for).

This fic is a journey about self-discovery, about Sam and Dean, about brothers and about making your way in life.

This was beta'd by my lovely runawaydreamer. Honey, I'm releasing our baby into the wild!

Don't forget to check out the amazing art made by king_stitch! Leave her a comment while you're at it, too, because she's more than worth it.

Not to forget: If not for the spn_j2_bigbang, this story wouldn't have been written, so thanks to the lovely mods over there for hosting this challenge year after year.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

On AO3.

Also, here are some links to places I frequented a lot while writing this (and a reference or two):
  • LGBTQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer. Acronym that occurs within the story.

  • travelmath.com: To count distances and stuff.

  • insideoutys.org:"Our mission is to educate, empower and advocate on behalf of LGBTIQ youth"

  • ftmguide.org: An FTM Guide.

  • The QI-elves say: If you have a pizza with radius z and thickness a, it's volume is pizza (or pi*z*z*a).
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    dr archeaologist
    30 July 2012 @ 08:05 am
    Title: We were young.
    Author: sa_kun (archaeology-geek)
    Prompt/Recipient: Prompt 3: Anything with a nautical theme by mishasmerkinofwarmjunk
    Characters/Pairing: Sam, Castiel, Dean (Sam/Cas)
    Word Count: 1813
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Every Wednesday, Sam goes down to the ocean.
    Notes: I read nautical theme, and my mind went to mermaids, the sea and there you have it. Maybe, strictly speaking, I should have involved more ships or boats, but that wasn't how this story wanted to play out.
    Every Wednesday, Sam goes down to the oceanCollapse )
    dr archeaologist
    Title: I'm the queen of nothing; I'm the king of the world
    Author: sa_kun
    Fandom: Supernatural
    Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel
    Rating: PG-13
    Word Count: 6139
    Prompt: Supernatural, Dean, trans woman in very deep denial.
    Summary: "Isn't there anything you want, Dean? Something just for yourself?"
    Disclaimer: I do not own.
    Author's Notes: Written for the above prompt over at queer_fest. Dean is transsexual, Castiel plays a part in it and Sam is the best brother he can be. Spoilers for the end of season five, AU after that. Title is from King of the World by First Aid Kit.

    Also, I'm so bad at this I almost forgot (I'm new at this, all right?). This was beta'd by the wonderful, lovely and amazing runawaydreamer. Darling, this one's for you.
    Click here to readCollapse )

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    dr archeaologist

    itle: “—and that’s why the Black Widow totally kicks ass.”
    uthor: sa_kun
    ordcount: ~2.2k
    airing: Charlie, Dean | gen
    ating: PG-13
    arnings: Language? Might be some minute spoilers in passing for Avengers and Moulin Rouge, along with some sort-of-spoilers for Supernatural (as in: you won’t know they’re spoilers unless you’ve seen either the episodes or the films in question). AU, probably, though it could take place at any point between episodes S07E20 and S07E23. The flimsy plot in this fic centres on Dean commissioning Charlie to locate Castiel for him. Make of that what you will. Written for the 2012 spnspringfling for the prompts "Charlie and... anyone, really" and "I guess they won't exchange the gifts that you were meant to keep" by cordelia_gray.

    &black widowCollapse )